Monday, October 11, 2010

Today Felt Normal

What a day. I can remember back to 2003 Sean and I were sitting in a Chevrolet dealership and we were ordering up his dream truck. We were giddy with the excitement of getting everything his heart desired and deserved. We just ordered it up like we were ordering ice cream! And then today, she went in the front yard with a For Sale sign. It just broke my heart, doesn't everything nowadays? It was so sad because she was all Sean had wanted and she was a symbol of God restoring so much. Today she was being offered up to the highest bidder. And then I realized that she was just a hunk of metal. Yes, she was wonderful. But, when you are staring death in the face, what does it all really mean? Just as Solomon cried, "everything is meaningless", I realized that all these THINGS that I desire in my life truly don't mean a hill of beans in the end. My husband does. My children do. The people that the Lord has allowed in my life do. So, we wait for someone to buy her. I just hope they take the care of her like Sean has.

And today Sean laughed. And today he didn't take a nap. And today he helped with the groceries. And today he played with his children and hugged and kissed his wife. Today he played "Father may I?" and read to his boys. Today felt good in the midst of cancer. Sometimes those old cliches really do ring true. The one about focusing on today? Yeah, I can't let cancer have every day and every moment, can I? Nah...

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SC Morth said...

Jen... keep your faith up!! God can work a miracle! Isn't it awesome how the Lord puts everything in perspective? Just know that He is right there beside you in the midst of all of this! Love you guys very much!