Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A piece of land

I have long wanted to own my own little piece of America.  A place where I can (finally!) choose a paint color, a place to put my feet up and rest, a place to call my very own. 

It's starting.  And here it is:

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She's a beauty and it looks like she might be ours.  I'm scared, terrified, overjoyed.  I just can't wait to not have a landlord anymore.  It's time to grow up and I feel like this house is one more step in that direction.  It's so scary because it's my name on the mortgage.  It's scary because the agent kept saying, "you can do this" or "you can do that" and I thought, "I really could if I wanted to". 

The owners have signed and the paperwork started today.  The only thing to do right now is wait and start packing.