Friday, September 24, 2010

My boys

I find it so hard to look at my boys. They are losing their precious father and they don't even realize it. The man that was supposed to help navigate them through the pitfalls of life will not be here to hold their hand.

They will be left with a Mom who loves them but at the end of the day will be a poor substitute. I will just have to love them enough for the two of us and pray that they find their way.

May I find the words to answer those difficult and uncomfortable questions when they arise. May I have the wisdom to know when to hold them and how to explain where Daddy has gone. May they walk through this life knowing that they are treasured. Because I do. I know that Sean loves me. He has told me and shown me a million different ways. And in the end, isn't that we could ever really ask of our husbands?

But, may they, in their "sixness" and "threeness" KNOW it.

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Kayla said...

You guys are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I messaged you on fb. I love you friend.