Monday, October 27, 2008

Somebody's always watching me.....

Recently I have been on an organizing kick. The closer I get to 40 (yikes!) I realize that I don't need so much stuff. It has been liberating to throw stuff away, donate items and sell stuff that is unnecessary. And one of the first places that I chose to start is my computer files and pictures. I would have one copy of a picture on my computer and I would have three hard copies of the same picture! It was ridiculous. Anywho, as I was undertaking this clean sweep, I had the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane. I saw pictures I hadn't seen in a long time - ones when Sean asked me to marry him, the picture where John was holding Sean's finger right after he was born and pictures of our sweet Hunter.

And when I want to capture pictures of the kids' childhood, I am always looking for pictures of the boys together. One of my biggest dreams for their lives is that they will be best friends when they grow up and they are hopefully on their way to doing that. As I looked at the hundreds of pictures I had, I noticed a trend appearing. In almost every one of the pictures, Hunter is looking at John. I didn't intend to capture that when I took the pictures, but I notice that Hunter does look to John a lot. He thinks John hung the moon, he thinks John is the funniest person in the world and he copies what he does constantly. I think if Hunter could form a complete sentence it would be, "John is the coolest!" Sometimes, I think Hunter is thinking, 'Child, what are you doing?" when John is being his crazy self but I think he is always a little in awe of him. I am so glad that the boys have each other and the amazing love they share.

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Tim & Sarah said...


Love the pictures. So sweet! There is nothing better than watching our children become friends. I treasure the moments when Natalie and Adam head off down the hallway to play together each morning and I hear them jumping and laughing in their rooms. Thanks for sharing. =)