Sunday, August 17, 2008

There's something about dancing with my husband. It reminds me that we are in love amidst bills, work, and the daily stresses of life and parenthood. Whenever I dance with him, I always laugh. I laugh because he's my best friend and he constantly indulges me when I say, "can you dip me?" I laugh because there are always at least one set of eyes on us at all times and they are learning that two people can fight and they can struggle but they can stay married and they can be silly in the kitchen. I hope that my boys find women that will love them fiercely and they will take them for a spin every once in a while!

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Tim & Sarah said...

Beautiful image. Isn't it funny how whenever you go in for a smooch or start a hug or a dance two little people magically appear and need to be included? What precious memories.