Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He Needs Me.....

My little Hunter has three teeth coming in and he is really struggling. The pain is hard for him to take and he finds much comfort in my arms. As much as I hate seeing my precious child in pain, I am almost grateful for the clinging for I know that one day he will not be so open to my hugs and he will be a big boy and not need me so much. When he crawls into my arms and heaves that big old sigh and lays his head on my shoulder, I want to melt for I have missed these times. You see, Hunter is, in a word, busy. His little world is exploding in front of him and he can't wait to touch and taste every part of it. I struggle some days to catch him when he goes mach 2. But, these days when he is under the weather, I know where he is at all times. All I have to do is look at my feet! But, I must admit, as much as I love this cuddly, loving little boy, I miss the one that throws my favorite hair brush in the toilet, the one who has figured out how to get up on the kitchen table and the one who plays with my ipod when I'm not looking.

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