Thursday, June 9, 2011

Young Authors Night

Last night was Young Authors Night at school.  I love John's class.  It is filled with really special and unique kids.  The parents all gathered to hear their children's books.  I was doing fine.  I dressed in black shorts and a red shirt to honor Sean as his high school colors were red and black (a fact he always used to tell me when he saw that combination).  A dear friend took Hunter and we were off.  No tears, no sadness.  Just excitement to hear John and have some special time alone with him. 

Then I saw Mrs. Pasiuk.  I don't have the words to describe what John's teacher has come to mean to me and how I would not have survived this year without her.  I honestly don't think John would have either.  She has been our anchor and strength during the hardest days of our lives.  I put John on the bus every single morning knowing that I was sending him to a place where he would be loved and cherished.  To a mother who feels like a lot of times she is stumbling through widowhood there can be no greater gift. 

I digress.  I see her in the hall and I lose it.  She gives me a genuine hug.  I have come in my life to know the difference.  I know the hugs that aren't heartfelt, the ones people think they have to give you.  This one was one out of love and understanding.  She whispered words of comfort and I was ready.  I sat near John's seat and the room mother graciously sat in the one for Sean so I wouldn't be alone.  What a thoughtful and kind thing to do for me. 

It was amazing to see what John had created.  He dedicated his book to Hunter "because he brings me stuff".  How appropriate.  I literally could not have been prouder of that boy.

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