Thursday, June 16, 2011

I goofed

Today I messed up.  Big time.  I got caught up in the hype of the e-readers and I just felt like I HAD to have one.  And because I am who I am, I had to go big time.  I didn't just buy the $100.00 Kindle, no I had to buy the $300.00 color Nook.   I'm turning 40 in  15 days, I deserve it, right?  I've had a rough year I deserve it, right?  It's amazing the excuses we come up to justify a foolish purchase.  You know that same voice that sometimes yells at us?  Well, mine was screaming at me when I was leaving Best Buy with my hot little purchase in hand.  But, again because I am who I am, I ignored it.  And now I regret it.

This was only about an hour ago.  Maybe two.  I came home and sat down to enter all my information and decided I HATED it.  I didn't just dislike it or thought I'd get used to it.  I hated it.  See, I'm a library girl through and through.  I go to at least my library or an area library once or twice a week.  I love that I can get a brand new movie for free, five or six dollar magazines for free, and don't even get me started on the books!

Just yesterday I went to see a friend who lives half an hour away.  I already scanned the library website and came home with five books and ten magazines.  A library half an hour away....  Did I mention they were free?  And I just can't wait to go back and find some more treasures. 

The e-books surely would have saved me time and money and gas.  But, they would have taken away the hunt.  And today I've discovered that's what I love.  Scanning the Connecticut library database to see which library has my tv series or book that I am dying to have in my hands.  And then driving and praying that someone didn't find it and take it out before I get there.  Thanks Nook.  You seem great but you're just not for me.  And this girl needs to remember who she is a little more often.

So, in half an hour, I'll be driving back to Best Buy.  I can't have this thing in my house for another minute.


Mary said...

LOL! You are an amazing writer. And I'm with you. Those e-readers are very cool and I like them, but I am a paper girl through and through!

Kim said...

i too love a book! i think e-readers are great for schools but how empty would a library be if the world turned to e-readers. they have their time n place-but like you-i will live life fine without know you can have books sent to your closest library-you dont have to drive to get them-alot of the videos i get come from universities across the states.

Kayla said...

Haha... I can't bring myself to like e-readers either! Theres just nothing like a thick, heavy book propped on my knees. And e-readers just could never capture the smell of a book (especially an old book)... Yea I realize I'm probably the only person who smells books :)