Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raising Hunter

Today Hunter brought me to tears.  What a complicated, beautiful, amazing little child that roams the halls of this house.   Tonight Hunter wanted Kool Aid before dinner and I told him no.  Never a good thing when Hunter hears no.  The customary fit followed where he screamed, he stormed off and he slammed his door.  These scenarios used to leave me wanting to run for the hills but I've learned to take them in stride.  Raising a child is a privelege and one of the great benefits is that as a parent you KNOW your child so well.  So, he sputtered and clamored but then he did what he does best.  He came out about five minutes later and hugged me from behind and told me he was sorry.  Such maturity from my  brand new 4 year old.  So, I sat with him and held him so tight and thought about how many times Sean would say to me, "Oh, boy, Hunter's just like me when I was little."  Thankfully, I knew how that man turned out - and so Hunter will turn into a pretty spectacular man.    I'm grateful that when I look at Hunter I see his father.  I see his Dad's beautiful blue eyes, his lips, his temperament, his speed in telling me that I am beautiful. 

I've been blessed beyond measure with my two little boys.  Every parent should raise a John.  When I forget his snack in his lunchbox he says, "that's okay Mama."  When I ask if a woman on tv is pretty he says, "Yeah, but you're way prettier."  He is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Now, my Hunter has fought me every step of the way, but just as everyone should have a John, they should also have a Hunter.  He's taught me the beauty of an apology, the servant-like attitude in which he takes care of John and he loves with a ferocity.  But the main thing he's taught me is that people really rise to the occasion if you just give them a little time.  I can't wait to see the kind of men John and Hunter grow into.


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Awww that is special! And great perspective to get thru the tough days!