Tuesday, December 16, 2008


God is a good God, God watched over His children, God is a loving God. These words I have told myself over and over again, I have told this to friends and my husband when they needed to be reminded but never have these words come alive to me as they have recently. These are words that I truly know to be true and believe with all my heart but there is something different when you walked a long and difficult journey and scratched and clawed to get to the top of a mountain and stood at the top and looked back and seen every step of that journey and know that you did not walk it alone. It's different when the words on that Bible completely and utterly come to life in front of you.

My life is changing and I just can't believe it. He is bringing things to pass that I never thought He would and you know what I learned? I can rest assured that we do not have a God that we can order around and ask things to come to pass and feel entitled for our prayers to be answered immediately. That He knows what is best because sometimes I think what is in front of me is the best thing for me but, wait, He's got something better down the road next month or next year. I am grateful that I have a God and a Best Friend who says "No" and "Yes" at precisely the right time. He is a good God, He does watch over His children and He is a God who loves. Thank you Jesus for all you have done.


Tim and Sarah said...

Jen, how I rejoice with you over all the exciting things God has uncovered around this bend in the road. What a long hard journey it has been and how nice to find yourself at a place of refreshing. And His Eye is On the Sparrow is my very favorite hymn, nothing speaks more clearly of His providence than the care He takes of those simple little sparrows.

Sharon said...

Jen - such a good reminder for me! Thanks for sharing your heart so that it could be an encouragement.

My bible study buddies keep telling me that my little blog might be a way that God will use to reach someone, and he certainly did that through yours today! YEAH