Saturday, January 3, 2009

Such a good heart...

Today started like any other day yet today held a tiny treasure. I see the generosity of my son, John, everyday but somedays there are times when it really shows itself in a simple yet extraordinary way. John is starting to learn the concepts of money and we are starting to teach him to save and spend his money accordingly. This morning we were going to Shop Rite and I told John that he could take a quarter out of his piggy bank and buy himself a gumball. This is a treat to him and one that he was very excited about. Well, I stood there and watched him excitedly take his quarter out for his big transaction and then he did something amazing. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes and he said, "I have one quarter for my gumball, Mama." I thought that was that and then he said, "And I am taking another quarter so I can buy Hunter a gumball too because I love him. And I will take another quarter for a gumball for you, Mama" I thanked God for my beautiful little boy with teary eyes.

As a mother one of the many things that I have wanted to teach my children was to be selfless. As every mother wants, I want my children to place others above themselves and to share their good fortune. I want them to see the pain and the hurting of others and reach out with a heart of compassion. And I don't want to raise selfish, greedy men. They will one day be husbands to precious women. And, today, I saw the pure heart of my child. He didn't have much money in his piggy bank but what he did have, he wanted to share. What a beautiful little boy.

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