Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord." Psalm 89:15 Today Hunter took a nap. And I felt a tug at my heart to dust off my Bible and read a line or two in the peace and the quiet. And today I got a message clearly for me from the Lord. I read this Psalm 89:15. I read it and I just couldn't shake it. As if the Lord was shouting to me, "Hey, Jen, this one's for you!!" I didn't know what the word acclaim meant. Sure, I had heard the word but I just wasn't quite sure. I'm glad I looked it up - acclaim means to "welcome or salute with shouts or sounds of joy or approval". I'm going to be honest - there doesn't feel like much acclaiming is going on around here. But, then I looked once again at the verse and one word jumped out at me. learned I don't think acclaiming comes naturally. Bills pile up while money quickly dwindles, there are wars and rumors of wars, children are disobedient, marriage is hard. There is upheaval all around us, if not in our lives but on the evening news or in the lives of those we cherish. This life is hard and no one gets out without some bumps and bruises along the way. But, when the day is done and those little ones are nestled safe and sound, we have survived. When bedtime seems a long way away or one side of the bed is empty or the future looks scary, I'm learning. I survived. Sean was taken away from me and I survived. Bills got paid, children were bathed and even some joy was had in the day. Every day I am learning that there is a big God who cares about my little corner of the world. And today I will acclaim Him. I will trust that even though this was not my plan, He is here. And even though there will be days when I won't feel like it, I'll keep learning and keep trying to master this discipline.

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