Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I like Hunter:

Here was the interaction between John and Hunter in their shared room right after they woke up:


John: Hunter, stop your crying.


That boy sticks up for himself.

Why I like John:

Hunter and John this morning were sitting on the couch eating Smartfood and drinking their juice, when John looked at Hunter and said, "You need Buddy (Hunter's favorite stuffed dog) and your favorite blanket!" He then proceeded to run in his room and took care of his little brother.

I have always viewed it as an honor to be these little boys' mother. One day they will be someone's husband, someone's father and I will have had a hand in shaping them and blessing those future families. That is a huge responsibility and I am so happy that God gave me them. I like them as well as love them and I see that as such a gift.

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