Monday, September 19, 2011

Quiet Weekend?

This weekend was a first for me.  One I even hate to admit.  I actually stayed home all day on Saturday.  Wait, did you miss the big announcement?  I'll repeat it.  I actually stayed home all day on Saturday.  I didn't go to Target, I didn't go to the grocery store....I just stayed home.  I talked about it with the kids at dinner and they were happy.  Now, these are kids who ask me during breakfast, "Where are we going today Mama?"  So, I thought I would hear some disappointment, but there was none.  I told them that I just needed a day and that was that.  So on Saturday they jumped on the trampoline, we played war, I sewed a little bit, we played the Wii together, we ate every meal at home (I know, I know...), and the best part of it was that there were no fits, no big explosions.  Could there be something to this?

Then on Sunday, I promised them we would go crabbing after church!  What excitement this news brought.  So we headed off to the beach and it was high tide and there was nary a crab to be seen!!!  But, because I have the two coolest kids ever (can anyone say biased?) their responses were, "That's okay Mama".  We took a walk along the beach, found many treasures and headed off to the school playground.  I'm so glad they seem to handle disappointments better than I do, but I'm also glad that the older I get the more grace I have for myself.  There would have been a time when I would have berated myself that our crabbing plans fell through.

Then to top it all off, I was walking across the playground and John said to me, "Mama, you look like you've losed weight."  Now, normally I would have corrected his grammar, but who would have wanted to spoil such a beautiful moment?

I have started walking, okay - it's only been 4 days but I have officially lost 1.1 pound.  Gosh, if he can notice when I lose such a little amount, what will I look like to him when I lose 5 or 10 pounds?  haha.....

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