Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I miss him

It's at times exactly like this that I miss my Sean the most. The day is done. The boys are bathed and read to and loved and hugged and played with. Dinner is done and the responsibilities of the day have fallen by the wayside. The time that I could take my Mama hat off and could don my Wife hat. The time I could be a person and not a servant.

I changed the runner from the kitchen table today. I put away the Christmas one and changed it up. Something he would comment on and we would actually have a little conversation about. Something innocuous and silly but we could talk about anything, he and I. I miss him because of that table runner.

I have to buy a new car soon, I just know it. And it's the first time I will make a big purchase all on my own. I know I will have really great people who will go with me and give me good advice but it's the first time I'll be a big girl and do it all my own. I miss him because of that.

I had a great visit with a new friend today and I want to tell him all about it. I want to tell him that she was great and really nice and had good kids. I miss him because of that.

I love him...

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