Sunday, August 1, 2010

Such is my life....

Today we had to do a mad dash out of church..

Church picnic in one hour - had to get home to drop me and the boys off - Sean had to go back. So, we go out to the car and I can't find my keys. Weird for me because I am ANAL about the location of my keys. I put them in the same spot at home so I know RIGHT.WHERE.THEY.ARE. I put them in the same spot in my purse so I know the drill.

We walk out and I go into my purse and NO KEYS.. We search high and low. I go back into church and look in John's classroom, Hunter's classroom, the sanctuary and the lost and found at the welcome center. To which the woman looked at me and said, "Did you check where you were sitting?" Like I was an idiot and she couldn't see I was on the verge. But, I digress..

Oh, forgot to mention, when Sean was helping me look, I could hear him jangling and I said, "Seany, I hear them". To which he replied, "Me too!"

So, I get back from the church and Sean decides to head in all knight in shining armor like. He always says to me, "Good looking but stinky looker." Who could get mad at that?

Well, he walks two paces away from me, puts his hand in his pocket and turns around all chagrined like. Guess where my precious keys were? HIS POCKET THE WHOLE TIME. I just had to say it, "SEAN, DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN I SAID I HEARD THEM?" He just looked at me and said, "sorry wife".

(I gotta forgive him because he is playing Joseph in the VBS play tomorrow night and he has SO MANY lines to learn. He's real nervous. I gave him the keys because we forgot the church beeper in there and he forgot to give them back.)

We had to laugh...

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