Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been told...

Here is a little bit of a conversation I had with Hunter the other day:

Me: Come on, Hunter. (Backstory - I was trying to put his shirt on and Hunter always insists on holding a car so that makes it impossible to actually get his hand through the sleeve -)

Hunter: Mama, why are you so crabby?

Me: Hunter, I am not crabby! (actually I really was but did NOT like being called on it..)

Hunter: Mama, YOU ARE CRABBY! (emphasis mine)

Me: Hunter, I am not crabby, you are crabby (yeah, I was really proud of myself for this response - I was really mature at that point..)

Hunter: I am NOT crabby, you are crabby, Mama, now stop!!

And all I could do was laugh because he was right and somehow, some way we have made an environment where Hunter is free to say and speak his mind as he sees fit. I like that. I hope he always feel comfortable within reason to TALK to me. He has a way of, like his Dad, speaking succintly and to the point and I appreciate that. He is only (almost) three yet God used him to bring levity and joy to an otherwise difficult moment. Just another time to thank God for these miracles he has given me...

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Joyfull said...

Oh, that is too funny. I have been in that same exact spot! The wisdom of our children is matchless! Thanks for sharing.