Sunday, September 21, 2008

Looking at my watch

So, yesterday after much trouble with my watch, it finally died. To say that I am a slave to my watch would be an understatement. I always know what time it is and always have it on my wrist. Well, I don't have time to buy a watch right now and I had to go two whole days without one and I have surprisingly found it quite liberating. I constantly look at it to see when the boys need to eat, when they need to sleep, when Sean is coming home from work and I don't like when I don't have the one tool that helps me keep order and structure in my home. I am actually going to have to feed my children when they are hungry, to lay their sweet heads down when yawns appear and eyes are rubbed and will be very pleasantly surprised when my husband comes home. I feel that I sometimes are rushing the days and so consumed with my schedule that I forget to live. So, God is taking me a little out of my comfort zone and I find that I am grateful for it. The push has done me a lot of good. I am always grateful for the surprises life has in store for me. Maybe, when I actually buy a new watch, I'll leave it on the dresser from time to time.....

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Tim & Sarah said...


I think quite possibly we are sharing the same brainwaves or something. The last day or so I have forgotten my watch and felt beyond naked! Such a vulnerable feeling to be at the mercy of time instead of the master of it (although in reality we are always at the mercy of it, just feels as though we have more control with our little wrist gadget!) I too am guilty of rushing through moments. I was halted by hearing Natalie say to Adam, "I don't have time for you!" Now I have never said quite those words but I guess in my rushing I am conveying just that to my little ones. I am taking a lesson from that and learning to enjoy the ride. Glad you are too. =)